Colour services

For all our colour services we use AVEDA customised colour, created with a conscience.
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The AVEDA Difference

Completely customisable, fade resistant formulas, essentially damage free results!

We offer bespoke colour to meet the clients needs from fine subtle sun kissed hi lights to baylage and all over colour changes, we have three ranges of colours to meet your needs and also an exciting new range of vibrants enabling us to create pastel shades to more Vibrant bright colours.

Please make a consultation appointment if you feel you need further advise before booking an appointment and don’t forget to get a skin test.

It is important that all guest undergo a simple colour sensitivity test at least 48 hours prior to their first time colour application, or if they have not had colour with us for more than four months. skin tests are here to protect you. If you have not had a skin test done and turn up to a booked appointment we will not be able to go ahead with the service.

Strand tests, compatibility tests and porosity tests may also be performed, especially if previous chemicals have been used on your hair. Please inform us to all your previous colour history for best results.

We recommend AVEDA home hair care for you to preserve your colour.